It starts with your dream.  In reflecting over the past year, something powerful hit me.  At this time last year, I was providing CFO and strategic planning consulting services through my consulting firm.  But I felt my heart pulling me in a different direction.  It told me that it was time to impact lives in a greater way.  I knew there were bigger possibilities ahead, but it took time to figure out.

Have you ever been ready for something more and decided now was the time?  After two decades helping people with financial and strategic consulting, I knew I wanted to help people live exceptional lives, build strong businesses and inspire individual and organizational well-being.  There have been many challenges along the way, but now I can look back over the year and smile:  I have graduated from an accredited coach training program, started a second business offering executive leadership and business coaching services, speaking and more.  To top it off, I will be a coach for a Leadership Young Professionals Program starting next month and be able to give back to other aspiring leaders.  I think that’s pretty cool.  

Once you dream it, you must speak it.  You must feed it.  If you have a dream, a vision, someone or something that you are aspiring to be, do not just throw it out to the universe and see what happens.  Start speaking your dream to those you trust and begin taking baby steps.  Start planting the seeds you need to make it grow, feed it consistently and you will see your dream blossom.  There are infinite “and” possibilities awaiting for you.  

You will most likely have fears – but that means you are inspired by a big dream, a bold vision.  Brene Brown states that vulnerability is at the center of courage.  When we step into this vulnerability, seeds will start sprouting, courage becomes stronger and your fears weaker.  

I am throwing out a big dream for 2020.  How about you?