“I am forgetting what lies behind, and I’m pressing forward.”  –Philippians 3:13  


It is Spring and my heart is happy to see it! Spring is a time of renewal, growth and expansion – new growth surrounds us in nature and it’s a time for renewal and growth in our lives. Spring is a time to be inspired for what lies ahead. A time to visualize our best future.


But, as easy as it is to talk about growth, expansion and renewal, we have a tendency to ignore it in our own lives. One of the reasons people never fulfill their greatest purpose, their destiny, is because of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of the unknown. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of making the wrong decision, the wrong choice. Fear of sickness. Fear of the future. Fear can paralyze us and destroy our peace, joy and hinder the chance that we will ever reach our full, God given potential.  


As humans we are creatures of habit. We like “comfortable.” But our destiny is not in comfortable! Our destiny is in pressing forward into the unknown and forgetting what lies behind. And it is faith that moves us forward. And here is the best part – when we take a step away from something, we are giving ourselves permission to take a step toward something new.  


I see this often in my coaching because every one of us has fear. We are inspired to change until fear creeps in. Five years ago, I made a tremendous life and career change when I “retired” from a position and career that I worked in for almost twenty years. A career that I was good at and served me well. A career that allowed me to climb the corporate ladder. According to cultural standards, I had achieved “success.” But in 2011, I was suddenly struck with a debilitating health issue. 


As the story goes, I ultimately “retired” from public accounting at the peak of my career – at age 52. There is more to this story, but there is a reason that I’m sharing it now. You see, I “jumped.” I didn’t just make a small change, I made a life change. To say that I didn’t have fear would be a  lie. But even in the midst of my struggles, I was deeply sensing that it was time for a change, rebirth and renewal. It was time to use the gifts that inspired me. What are you sensing in your life? In your business? 


Now I look back at that decision five years ago and realize that if I allowed my fear of the unknown to take over, I would still be stuck and most likely, having serious side effects on my health. If I allowed fear to stop my decision, I may never have stretched my comfort zone and expanded into gifts that I didn’t even know I had. When we become uncomfortable, we expand our universe into new dimensions and greater possibilities. 


What is the moral of the story? It is NOT that you need to jump. But if your heart is pulling you to something, if your work drains your energy, if you are not using your gifts, perhaps it’s time to explore…”Is there something more?” When you take one tiny step into a new direction, your energy will shift. That shift will allow you to see “new” opportunities and potential. I can almost guarantee that there will be twists and turns sprinkled with self-doubt…but there are great lessons in the journey. Take one step at a time with faith and you will one day look back and see that you’ve hiked the mountain for greater purpose and joy. The seed that was planted in you will have grown to a beautiful flower. As you consider your life and career, what fear is holding you back from your potential for more? How can you lean on faith to help you get there? What can you do to keep pressing forward? 


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  -Jeremiah 29:11   


Cynthia Legg, CPA, ACC Founder of Inspired Success, is a certified executive level leadership and faith based coach. A retired partner in a regional CPA firm, she helps leaders, teams, and individuals achieve greater purpose and impact and take their team and organization higher. She helps her clients to enjoy the journey of success as much as the destination of success.   She loves working with individuals pivoting to a new level of greatness.