“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is a new day as I look out the window and pause to reflect the turbulent times we find ourselves in. I struggle to focus on my work – caught up in a moment reflecting the past, present and future. A pandemic has swept across this nation and caused it to come to a screeching halt. Many across the globe find themselves facing the same calamities and uncertainties.

Unexpected and unannounced, the silent thief crept insidiously across our land to our states and counties, one by one – few unaffected. Clients, friends, family and professional colleagues are living with the same reality. Some days, we are hopeful and other days sad. Looking for new opportunities, but sometimes wishing for life as it was before.

I find myself on a bridge between the two – suspended and wondering what is on the other side. Not wanting to go backwards to a manic ideal that we embraced for so long. But wanting to lean into a more hopeful and less chaotic future. A future where we are clear with our priorities and aligned to a greater purpose.

A future that is raw from the pain, yet healing into a smoother, kinder world. A world filled with hope, love, peace and abundant opportunity to collaborate and innovate.

Hold tighter to the future than the past, but let the past be your guide to the future you want to create. Embrace an improved normal and lean where the wind blows you.

Cheering you on with every ounce of love energy I have.

Cindy Legg, Founder of Inspired Success, is a purpose-centered leadership coach and trainer. A retired partner in a regional CPA firm, she helps leaders, teams, and individuals achieve greater purpose and impact and take their team and organization higher. She helps her clients to enjoy the journey of success as much as the destination of success.   She loves working with individuals pivoting to a new level of greatness.