Three words have been bubbling up for me lately:  love, truth, and vulnerability. In fact, they have surfaced so frequently, that it has made me pause and reflect on their importance.  There is significance with these words – not just for me, but for everyone who desires to live a purposeful, authentic and successful life.

Let’s start with love. When we live, lead and work from a place of love and with our whole hearts, curiosity, not judgment prevails. We become more empathetic to those around us and desire to learn their stories. To understand why people think the way they do can make a powerful difference in the way we communicate and solve problems in our personal and professional lives. We connect with others on a deeper level and are not afraid to live our values. We are not afraid to speak in opposition when we disagree – all from a place of love. Possibilities are abundant and our minds gain clarity.

When we live from a place of love, the truth unfolds like a flower on a warm spring day. Truth takes center stage and helps us to break free from inaccurate expectations and a false reality. The truth will set us on the right path, the best path. When we live from a place of truth, we see what we need to let go of. Our bodies and minds are aligned and there is little confusion about what needs to be done. When we live from truth, our self-awareness is in high gear.

When we live from a place of love and truth, something else happens. We open ourselves up to vulnerability – and what I believe is one of the keys to a successful life. When we step into vulnerability, we are brave. We step out of our comfort zones without worrying about the outcome because we know that we will only rise higher. Vulnerability is the center of courage and will make us stronger, not weaker. Vulnerability will break down barriers. Vulnerability will help us to live an authentic life.

Love, truth and vulnerability will help you to live an authentic and successful life. Your family and clients will notice a powerful transformation. Let go of your fears, live and lead from your whole hearts and look for the truth in all things.

Cheers to your success.